Sales & Service

When routine service is required, look to Rudbeck. Send us your unit and our expert technical repair staff will replace and repair the affected parts and get your furnace or boiler working properly again. We stock hundreds of hard-to-find parts and sell our own line of waste oil heaters or burners, as well.


That’s right, we carry parts for every furnace ever made! No other company can say that.


We are the only company in the country that carries parts for every brand of furnace ever made! If it exists, we can service it. If you require parts for any brand of waste oil heater, please contact us.


We have the capability to provide you with the component you need, no matter the brand.


You can send us your unit and we will turn it around quickly in our state-of-the-art repair facility.

Maintenance & Service

Since 1978, Rudbeck has set the standard for maintenance and servicing of waste oil heaters, heating components, and waste oil boilers. We carry more hard-to-find replacement parts than anyone else. More importantly we will guide you through the process, to ensure you receive the correct components for optimum performance of your unit.


Technical Support

Do you have questions about your furnace, heater, or burner? After 50 years in the business, the Rudbecks team can answer any question you may have about your burner, regardless of the manufacturer.


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34065 Northern Terrace

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Our Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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